Training Methodology

Our Training Programmes & Methodologies have been carefully developed over the last 30 years to rigorous criteria.


Turning Point’s training programmes and methodologies have been carefully developed over the last 30 years using a rigorous set of criteria.

The programmes are designed to be an interactive learning experience by using tutor-led learning, effective graphics, real world simulations and high quality content. These benefits combine to deliver an engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

Online study is becoming a more and more popular choice as access to high speed internet becomes more widespread and easily accessible. Flexibility and control in the way and times you can learn as well affordability are also key reasons why online course registrations have risen so sharply in the past few years. It has also proven to be the most cost effective learning solution for many individuals and organisations.

Classroom courses are of course another great way to learn but require significant time out of the workplace and a much larger budget. For many the option of studying at home in your own time and at your own pace is a lot more appealing and beneficial.

Each student will have different study methods, however Distance Learning & E-learning materials ensure you learn and retain your new skills. Our high qualify online training methodologies give you interactive and real-world scenarios to learn from. Learning the skills and demonstrating your knowledge before test simulations prepare you for your real world exam and certification at your local test centre.

Key Advantages of Online Study

•    Study in your own time, on your own computer, in your own environment.
•    Learn at your own pace – not that of your peers or the trainer!
•    One of the most cost effective ways to gain new knowledge and qualifications to support your career and development.
•    Certify your knowledge and be able to show your superiors and co-workers your new skills.
•    Increase your income and status.
•    Make you more desirable to current and future employers.
•    Increases your chances of promotion and supports you to reach your career goals.
•    Incorporates self assessment tests with real life exam questions.

The Turning Point Team are committed to supporting you in your various career goals.

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